Two Add-Ons to Consider when Purchasing a Mercedes-Benz


You’ve worked hard to purchase your brand-new Mercedes-Benz, and it’s always a smart idea to protect your big purchases. When you chat with a team member of our Finance and Insurance team, they’ll review all of your options for additional protection for your car. Prepaid maintenance plans and extended warranties are great places to start!

Prepaid Maintenance:

When you purchase a vehicle from Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo, you have the option to take care of your maintenance needs up front. You already know that your vehicle will need a routine oil change, regular tire rotations, and a refill of wiper fluid at least once a year. With Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo’s Pre-Paid Maintenance plans, you can choose an option that fits your budget and your car. Plus, when you pre-pay, the cost is oftentimes much lower than paying for each individual need as it arises.

Extended Warranties:

Once the new car warranty on a vehicle expires, drivers are required foot the bill for any repair needed. This is the precisely where the benefit of an extended warranty kicks in. An extended warranty offers prolonged protection for your automobile and great peace of mind knowing you won’t be facing a large repair bill anytime soon. Extended warranties cover most major repair work needed on an automobile. These warranties can be purchased via the manufacturer or through CNA National Warranty Corporation. For either option, the Finance and Insurance team at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo will walk you through each step before you choose an extended warranty.

Starting on the day of purchase, protect your Mercedes-Benz from damage (and your wallet from unexpected expenses). If you have any questions, the team at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo is always ready to help!

Test drive a new Mercedes-Benz today at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo.

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