smart Car Owner Perks   

January 25th, 2018 by


Driving a smart car is a great way to improve efficiency on the road. smart cars are not only creative, but also extremely eco-friendly. Discover the perks of owning a smart car!   


  1. Efficiency – It’s no secret that smart cars are more efficient than any other vehicle on the market. By being a smart car owner, you are bound to save hundreds and cut travel costs significantly.  
  1. Smart Style – smart accessories are available for smart owners, from bags and accessories to electronics and office supplies, all in vibrant colors that will complement your everyday style!   
  1. Complimentary car2go Membership – smart car owners automatically receive complimentary car2go membership, giving you access to a set of wheels in over 10 cities in the US and Canada. Who wouldn’t want that?   


smart continues to make driving a breeze with their efficient and economically friendly automobiles!   


Ready to tackle the road in your very own smart car? We encourage you to visit us at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo to learn more.  

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