Road Trip Games for Your Holiday Adventure

December 18th, 2018 by

The holiday season has arrived! As you’re packing your Mercedes-Benz GLA for this year’s family road trip from Buffalo, plan to play these favorite classic road-trip games on the way to your destination. Bonus? They’re fun for all ages, even your toddling car riders. 


1.     The License Plate Game: Can you spot a car from all 50 states? How about Canada?

2.     Twenty Questions: Can you guess what your car-buddy is thinking of in just twenty yes-or-no questions?

3.     The Alphabet Game: Can you spot something that begins with the letter A? How about B? Can you make it through the whole alphabet? 


Enjoy your journey this holiday season in a Mercedes-Benz GLA, available now at Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo. 

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